On Italics, in Brief

So my cat (read: my wife-to-be’s cat) is famous, and I am now known better for meowing at him than for anything else I’ve done with my life. So all of the hard work has finally paid off! I’m writing a piece on this. In the meantime, here is the video:

If you’re new here, I’ve done other things with my life that are not related to Italics. Here, watch a film that I made with my writing partner a few years ago (Warning: if you’re only here for the cat, you won’t like this at all.):

And here I am, yelling at a child:

At any rate: I’ll write a real humdinger of a thinkpiece about owning a cat or owning a famous cat or yelling at cats soon, and also I will write more about our impending nuptuals after I shake off the hangover of this sudden and strange notoriety.

Stay in school, kids!


  1. Hi Nicholas
    I met you a very long time ago – 1998 at your place in Atlanta. I was the Australian that made friends with your mum when she worked at the travel agency and I ended up having an overnight stay. Your mum also took me sightseeing around Atlanta and also to Charleston where we stayed at your grandfather’s place. I truly enjoyed my time and your mum’s hospitality – we were so alike and hit it off. I loved the video of getting payback to your cat..it cracked me up😁 One day I’ll return for a visit..or maybe we might see each other again in Australia. I keep in touch with Mum and Alexis through Facebook and Messenger.


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